Cryolipolysis body fat removal treatment

Reducing fat cells with cold

Destroy excess fat with cold

Cryolipolysis fat removal is a new non-invasive and painless technology which uses cold to destroy fat cells in localised areas:

  • arms
  • abdominal area
  • hips
  • sides
  • lower back
  • cellulite
  • inner knees
  • inner thighs

The adipocytes located under the dermis contain an abundant amount of saturated fatty acids, which makes them especially sensitive to cold. However, they are close to other elements such as cells low in lipids and blood vessels. This process allows for the natural degradation of adipocytes without affecting nearby tissues.

The cryolipolysis fat removal process:

  • adipocytes crystallise;
  • inflammation occurs as this is the period when the adipocytes are surrounded by other cells and these adipocytes have started a gradual emptying process;
  • inflammation causes a progressive phagocytic process. The macrophages begin to surround and digest the apoptotic adipocytes to facilitate their gradual elimination by natural means, and this lasts for a few weeks. The final result is a significant reduction in fatty tissue.


  • Redness
  • Soreness in treated areas
  • Possible haematoma


  • you’re pregnant;
  • have a condition affected by the cold (cold hives, Raynaud’s disease, cryoglobulinemia)
  • have recent scarring in the treated area.

Treatment: three sessions
Treatment length: 60 minutes
Treatment frequency: six to eight weeks between each session
Can be combined with a Cellu M6 treatment for optimum results
Price: CHF 250 (current offer: three sessions for CHF 450 instead of CHF 750)
Five-session Cellu M6 course (30 minutes) and three cryolipolysis fat removal treatments for CHF 875
Ten-session Cellu M6 (60 minutes) and three cryolipolysis fat removal treatments sessions for CHF 1,350

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Price list

The session

  • 60min

    250 chf

  • Current offer: 3 sessions

    450 chf instead of 750 chf

In treatment

  • 5 Cellu M6 30min session and 3 cryolipolise sessions

    875 chf

  • 10 Cellu M6 1h session and 3 cryolipolise sessions

    1350 chf

Option to pay in instalments

*Times shown include the treatment itself and the rest of the time spent in the treatment room. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that we know to start preparing the room and the treatment products. If you’re unable to attend, please cancel 48 hours in advance.