Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage using the Renata method – the “miracle massage”

RENATA METHOD lymphatic drainage

Why is this lymphatic drainage so incredible?

Called the miracle massage, it’s world renowned!

Lymph is a liquid that circulates throughout the body through a network of small vessels alongside the blood system called the lymphatic system.

The lymph’s primary role is to transport toxins and waste which need to be eliminated from the body. In addition, the lymphatic system plays an important role in the immune system. Many white blood cells circulate in the lymph and the lymph nodes, distributed along the network, trapping and destroying microbes, so it’s important to pay special attention to them – all the more so at the moment! And yes, it’s a detox principle, our favourite subject!

The Renata massage method is mainly known for its manual approach to lymphatic draining.

While Renata França didn’t invent the lymphatic massage, she offered a much more invigorating and intense version.

Where does the Renata method come from?

Born in Brazil, Renata França had to overcome difficulties and fight to make her dreams come true.

Renata França practiced traditional lymphatic massage for several years and slowly modified it. This is how she began to create a method that included new types of movements, rhythms, pumps and pressures that produced more effective and faster results than traditional draining massages.

To share her knowledge, she founded the SPA Renata França in 2016 and began her journey in Brazil with free courses. From then on, her clients were no longer just Brazilians: instead, they came from all over the world.

Now very widespread in North America, the Renata method is slowly but surely beginning to make its way to Europe and in particular to France where training began this summer.

Renata França has transformed the lives of thousands of women and has become the go-to treatment for many celebrities who go so far as to call her method “the miracle massage”.

What happens in a session?

Lymphatic drainage is a delicate technique that is difficult to master because it involves knowing human anatomy with precision. You therefore need someone who is well trained.

The aim of manual draining is to stimulate the lymphatic system so that it works more quickly and eliminates things that prevent it functioning correctly.

A large part of the movements during a lymphatic massage will consist of reactivating blood circulation in certain very specific areas, such as the legs, stomach and arms, to circulate the lymph there. However, the lymph nodes and organs that eliminate waste also need to be stimulated so that the waste products in the lymph don’t clog the body again and are correctly expelled in the urine.

If you are prone to bloating, constipation, heavy legs, blood circulation problems or want to get thinner, eliminate cellulite and generally feel better in your body, this is the treatment you need! This drainage can “dry” and refine the body with visible results from the first session, by detoxifying and reactivating all the body’s circulatory systems, making it possible to remove persistent swelling. As a result, the body is less bloated, shapelier and will have a faster metabolism, improving feeling of wellbeing ten-fold.

We therefore focus on metabolism for weight loss and blood circulation and on water retention for reducing the appearance of cellulite. For lasting effects, you have to have a healthy lifestyle, i.e. drink enough water, eat healthily, avoid salt and ideally exercise.

Price list

The session

  • 1h

    150 chf

  • 1h30

    220 chf

Cure of 5 sessions

  • 1h

    600 chf

  • 1h30

    900 chf

Option to pay in instalments

*Times shown include the treatment itself and the rest of the time spent in the treatment room. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that we know to start preparing the room and the treatment products. If you’re unable to attend, please cancel 48 hours in advance.