Multiple treatments in one

JetPeel is a revolutionary device that can perform the following range of treatments in one without downtime and with no barriers to using it.

Step 1


Welcome! Yes, welcome to the incredible world of JetPeel.

After removing make-up, if necessary, you’ll settle in and the facial lymphatic drainage will begin. This is a refreshing sensation that you’ll feel flow through your skin.

The activation and/or stimulation of this natural process will help cleanse your body by eliminating waste, toxins, microbes, free radicals, fats and proteins. The vessels connected to the lymph nodes play a key role in body cleansing.

Step 2



Treatment continues with a deep skin cleansing.

The combination of air propelled at supersonic speed and glycolic or mandelic acid will eliminate dead cells, unclog pores, improve skin texture and brighten the complexion.

Step 3


Active ingredients

After drainage and exfoliation, it’s now time to introduce active ingredients into the heart of the dermis.

Depending on skin type, we’ll choose a suitable cocktail of

hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, A, E and B5.

JetPeel infuses these active ingredients through the skin without using needles and without any contact via the jet (fine droplets are propelled at high speed).

The transdermal diffusion then takes place and the active ingredients are deposited in the heart of the dermis, as close as possible to the cells.

The results:

  • improved skin texture for a brighter complexion;
  • intense hydration and stimulation of collagen and elastin production;
  • wrinkles are reduced and skin volume is maintained;
  • pigment irregularities (sun spots, brown spots) are remedied and skin is smoothed out;
  • signs of fatigue, such as dark circles and under eye puffiness, are reduced;
  • acne is cleared up and the effects of acne are remedied.

We recommend a five-session course (one session per week) to start, then once a month to maintain the results. This treatment is painless and doesn’t require any recovery time.

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Price list

The session - 1h30

  • Face

    180 chf

  • Face and neck

    220 chf

  • Face and neck, décolleté

    280 ch

Treatment of 5 sessions

  • Face

    750 chf

  • Face and neck

    950 chf

  • Face and neck, décolleté

    1250 chf

  • Frequency of treatment: once a month or as an intensive treatment every 1-2 weeks

*Times shown include the treatment itself and the rest of the time spent in the treatment room. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that we know to start preparing the room and the treatment products. If you’re unable to attend, please cancel 48 hours in advance.