Radio frequency facial

Restore the tone in your face

Results for all skin types

The radio frequency emits electromagnetic waves which will cause the temperature of the skin’s superficial layers to rise to 40 to 55 degrees. This will stimulate the fibroblasts which will produce new elastic fibres and cause collagen fibres to contract, providing firmness. Radio frequency also causes hypervascularisation (hyperaemia) in the treated areas. During the session, redness may appear in the area due to vascularisation caused by the temperature. This will disappear within one to two hours after the session, depending on skin sensitivity.

The results:

  • skin firming and improved elasticity (body and face);
  • redefining of face shape (double chin);
  • smoothed-out wrinkles and fine lines.

Results are immediately visible after the first session! Skin is firmer, smoother and plumper and double chins are refined.

  • Treatment length: 20 to 40 minutes
  • Treatment: per session or as a course
  • Treatment frequency: one or two times a week
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Price list

The session

  • Face and neck price

    150 chf


  • Neck and double chin

    99 chf


  • Décolleté

    99 chf


In cure

  • 30min - 5 sessions


  • 1h - 5 sessions

    500 chf

  • Frequency of treatment: once a month or intensive treatment once a week

*Times shown include the treatment itself and the rest of the time spent in the treatment room. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that we know to start preparing the room and the treatment products. If you’re unable to attend, please cancel 48 hours in advance.