Laser hair removal

Diode laser treatments for women and men

High-tech laser treatment

Institut Royal uses Fibra DFA, an innovative solution in high-end hair removal. Thanks to the combined microlenses, the light produced by the multidiode is concentrated into a single pulse transmitted from the fibre to the hair.

Diode laser hair removal is a procedure which uses light energy and provides long-lasting hair removal. This light energy is selectively absorbed through the hair’s melanin. It’s then transmitted to the hair follicle which is inhibited by heat action.

The advantages of this machine are:

  • it’s painless due to the integrated cooling system;
  • it’s safe and effective;
  • it’s suitable for all skin types (even tanned skin);
  • it’s very precise, achieving excellent results.

A treatment cycle takes an average of six to ten sessions depending on the area.

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Hair removal price list

Diode laser women

  • Half legs

    250 instead of 430 chf

  • Thighs

    270 instead of 450 chf

  • Full legs

    380 instead of 600 chf

  • Classic Bikini

    90 instead of 170 chf

  • Semi-integral Bikini

    175 instead of 295chf

  • Full Bikini

    200 instead of 300 chf

  • Underarms

    90 instead of 150 chf

  • Full face

    150 instead of 200 chf

  • Arms

    185 instead of 330 chf

  • Forearm

    110 instead of 200 chf

  • Lips

    60 chf

  • Chin

    60 chf

Diode laser men

  • Underarms

    100 chf instead of 160 chf

  • Torso

    245 chf instead of 320 chf

  • Back

    380 chf instead of 600 chf