Lash treatments

Institut Royal has expertise in lash extensions and lifts

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Eyelash extensions

Want longer and thicker eyelashes so you don’t have to put make up on in the morning?

Make your dream a reality!

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Lash lifting and tinting

Boost your look and make yourself irresistible with lash lifting and tinting

Enhance your look with Institut Royal

Very popular for some time now, lash extensions allow you to give the illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes, without adding mascara. There are several types of extensions, in synthetic or silk fibres, for a light and soft touch. And of course, with a range of different lengths and thicknesses, you can achieve a natural or ultra-glamorous look!

These extensions are placed 1 mm away from the skin, avoiding any contact with the epidermis, thereby preventing allergy risks. In addition, the glue used is a surgical glue tested and approved by all French and European poison control centres. This method does not damage your eyelashes and lasts from three weeks to one month, depending on the natural cycle of your own eyelashes and your lifestyle.

Eyelash extensions

  • Intense lash application (90 lashes)

    115 chf

  • Natural effect lash application (60 lashes)

    95 chf

  • Filling *2 weeks*

    55 chf

  • Filling *3 weeks*

    75 chf

  • Filling *4weeks*

    85 chf

  • Russian volume installation

    130 chf

    (2D, 3D)

  • Russian volume eyelash application

    150 et 160chf

    (4D, 5D)

  • Russian volume filling *2 weeks*

    60 chf


  • Russian volume filling *3 weeks*

    85 chf


  • Russian volume filling *4 weeks*

    95 chf


  • Lash removal

    35 chf

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Lash lifts

Very on trend and perfect for busy women looking for a natural look, lash lifts are the favourite among on-the-go fashion addicts. This process uses silicone patches to create a lift and improve the curl of your eyelashes. This application is suitable for people with very straight eyelashes which struggle to maintain a curl, even when mascara is applied. Maintenance: every two to three months

  • Lash enhancement with keratin

    65 chf

  • Eyelash enhancement with tinting

    85 chf

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Tinting is a perfect solution for brown eyebrows and eyelashes that have dulled over time and for blondes, redheads and brunettes who wish to have darker eyelashes and eyebrows for any occasion. It’s a quick, efficient and painless method which will make your eyes more radiant.

  • Eyelash tinting

    30 chf

  • Eyebrow tinting

    30 chf

  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

    55 chf

  • Eyebrow tinting and plucking

    50 chf

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